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Names of tree species that will be planted

1.  Pterocarpus angolensis local name is mninga
2. Senna siamea local name is (mjohoro
3. Tamarindus indica Local name is(mkwaju)
4. Ficus sycomorus Local name is(mkuyu)
5. Acacia mangium
6. Enterolobium cyclocarpum
7. Cedrela mexicana
8. Afzelia quanzensis (Mkongo)

Number of seedlings to be planted: 50,000

Expected survival rate of the seedlings: 79%

tCO2e sequestered (rough estimation if possible): Tonne 2.4million of Carbon,per year

Number of project staff involved: 20 including women

Number of smallholders/farmers involved: 25

Number of households that will be positively impacted: 15000

Tarawe Forest Reserve is among the 9 forest reserves located within Handeni District Council and it is situated at Mazingira ward. This forest was destructed many years ago due to human economic activities such as charcoal making and searching for fuel wood. The aim of this project is to restore the nature of Tarawe Nature Forest Reserve by planting a total of 50,000 indigenous trees including some indigenous tree species such as Ficus sycomorus, Tamarindus indica, Afzelia quanzensis and Cedrela mexicana. The Tarawe forest reserve are under severe threat of being cleared through human activities particularly agriculture, fuel woods collection, hunting and construction activities due to poor management. The forests are managed by Local government and serves as water catchment, soil protection, and source of timber, non-timber for millions of rural people and biodiversity hotspot home for hundreds of species.

Contact person: Charles Mafaru

Email: [email protected]


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